Working With Photographer Hemant Medhi

A focus on pixel perfection Hemant Medhi is an avid photographer who brings passion and professionalism to every single capture. He specializes in advertising, food, product, industrial, portrait and travel photography. Why Photographer Hemant Medhi? Hemant believes...

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Food Photography

Food Photography is to present the delicacies, food preparations in front of the audience for a mouth-watering experience. This is a team work where all team members expert chefs, food stylists, art director and an expert photographer play vital role. The team needs...

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Architectural photography

Architectural photography Architectural photography is capturing the exteriors and interiors of the constructed structures for various purposes. The Architectural photography is all about styling and presenting the structures for documentation, promotion or...

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Special Effect Photography

We recently had a very interesting Product Photography assignment. The need was to show the product with its application in a group photo for a poster. It was a challenge to capture the current, which is flowing through the product as the main application. This...

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Exhibition: Extreme Landscapes of Ladakh

Photography Exhibiton of Extreme Landscape ‘Ladakh Through The Lens In 5 Days’ At Balgandharv, Pune. Watch Video… Search for: Search Product categoriesBlack and White Photography (94) Andaman (2) Badami (12) Dubai (13) Hampi (32) Leh-Ladakh (15)...

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